Why Your Furry Buddy Needs a Dog Harness

dog harness

Your dog definitely needs more than just a simple collar and leash to wear for a walk or an outing. They need to use a dog harness as well. A harness helps with control and safety issues. Using a harness instead of a collar makes it easier to control and manage any dog, even those with leash manners that aren’t quite perfect.

A Dog Harness Provides Firmer Control in Big Dogs

Taking your giant pup on daily walks can cause a lot of strain on their neck and back, particularly if you don’t have one of the best harnesses for large dogs to support them. Even if you don’t have a hard puller, a good harness will offer stability and provide greater security and comfort while they walk. With big dogs, there’s a lot to love. And a lot to handle on-leash! Big dogs can be extra-strong, and many owners find that a harness provides more control.

Even smaller dogs are prone to injury when pulled against a collar. Wearing a harness disperses the pressure from one smaller area on the neck, to the back and the body. It spreads the stress over a larger surface area.

Big dog harness

To Prevent Choking and Injuries

The thyroid gland lies at the base of the neck just below the larynx close to where any collar sits. Just one yank can cause injury to a gland that controls many of the body’s vital functions.

Unlike a leash attached to the collar at the neck, a leash attached to a traditional body harness connects to a hook on the dog’s back between their shoulders.

The body harness takes the direct stress off their neck which makes it the most preferable and safer option for your canine companion.

Dog Lead Pulling

To Discourage Pulling

You’re the one that should be walking your dog, not the other way around. A dog’s incessant pulling on the leash can make a short walk down the road feel like an intense upper body workout. If you let them get away with it, you teach them that pulling your arm out of its socket is an effective way of getting what they want. You’re struggling to keep up, but they’re making forward progress. Harnesses discourage pulling by redirecting their momentum. Dogs learn when they pull against the leash that the dog harness will haul them in the opposite direction of where they want to go

To Prevent Ocular Proptosis in Certain Breeds

Ocular proptosis in dogs

In basic terms, ocular proptosis is when the dog’s eyeballs protrude out of the sockets. It’s easy to diagnose because it literally looks like the dog’s eyes are bulging out of their head and beyond their eyelids. Pet Health Network says it’s usually caused by blunt trauma to the head, but for certain dog breeds, too much strain around the neck can also be the issue. Collars are often to blame, but using a dog harness is an easy way to protect dogs from this painful and dangerous condition

To Look Trendy and Fashionable

Dog Harness with Bow tie

As modeled by the furry fashionistas above, there are more dog harness styles to choose from than ever before!

Dog harnesses are made in different styles designed for whatever the individual dog’s need may be. Some are simple straps. Others have more material covering a larger area of their back or chest. There are also different styles with alternate attachment points for the leash than the traditional body harness has.

It is a good idea to remove the harness after an outing. Constant wear may be annoying to the dog. It can also rub the fur, irritate their skin on areas that the harness rubs, and matt the fur.

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