Stay at Home with Pets

Stay at Home Order! Home Quarantine ? What ??? We can’t go out??? Oh no! That’s not possible ! We have to be out. There’s nothing to do at home ! Is this how you feel with the Stay at home order?

Lucky for us Pet Lovers, this Stay at Home Order is actually a good thing. It means more time to spend with our lovely pets! What could be better than spending time with Man’s best friend ? It’s pure bliss !

How does your typical day at home look like? Are your days spent mostly on eating, watching shows, eating again, playing online games, checking social media feeds, eating again, social media feeds again then sleeping again ? It does sound a bit boring.

Stay at Home with Pets

Well, if you have pets, your days are much more interesting. So why not, get a pet, a cat or dog perhaps?
As a dog owner, my typical day is never boring. Every day is a blessing! My day starts off with loving kisses, from my adorable darling! Who needs an alarm clock when you can be awaken by kisses! As I am happily awaken, my day is already off to a good start. The waking up routine is further extended to play time with this adorable baby and without realizing it, I’ve already spent ten or fifteen minutes, singing, dancing or even running around. How’s that for morning exercise?

Is it time for coffee yet ? Almost, but not until I’ve taken my baby (my dog), out for a short walk to take care of his business in the morning. Yes, dogs got to pee ! So, as we get ready for our morning walk, putting on his dog collar and dog leash, my dog wags his tail continuously as if to show his appreciation. With the bouncing around unable to keep still, you just couldn’t help but smile.

We head out, fully protected with mask, following the health and safety protocols during this COVID19 crisis. We pass by our first neighbor; they are still asleep. Second neighbor, all window shutters closed, ah they must be on vacation or staying somewhere else. Luckily, third neighbor is up and out in her front yard spending the morning with her kids. We said “Hello” while observing social distancing and gave smiles underneath the masks, which seemed to be obvious with our eyes and the tone of our greetings.

Saying “Hello” and being friendly with neighbors is so much easier with pets. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to start a conversation or even to say a simple “Hi” with just about anyone. But with my dog, friendly greetings always seem so natural and didn’t have to be forced, from both sides. So that’s another advantage of having pets, you naturally become nicer to your neighbor or your neighbor becomes nicer to you, or both.

And Yes, a short walk could count towards our daily fitness routine. As you may have already guessed, being idle is not an option for pet owners, which is actually a good thing, for our health.

The first order of business is done. Now, I can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. As I sit and take a sip of my favorite morning drink, I am again delighted by my pet’s surprise performance. There he is, dancing in front of me, trying to catch my attention and appear to be asking to share my drink. I’d give this adorable baby a smile and a slight pat on the head and then he’ll curl up next to my feet and relaxes himself there as I enjoy my drink. This dog really brightens up my day!

I know that my post started out talking about how exciting it is to spend the day with pets. But as I have also mentioned, the day is never boring so I would like to enjoy the rest of my morning with this adorable darling next to me, while I enjoy my morning drink.

Till next post. Have a Great Day with your loved ones, including your pets of course !

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