Easy & Fast Steps To Potty Train Your Puppy

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The fastest process to Potty Train your puppy works by preventing accidents before they happen, and by teaching your dog that going potty outside is the best thing ever.

It is a tough process in the beginning and if you dedicate two weeks to this process, your puppy could be completely potty trained by week three. House training your puppy is about consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. The goal is to instill good habits and build a loving bond with your pet.

It’s pretty easy and we’ll break it down with a few tips.

Tip #1- Watch Like A Hawk

The first week trying to potty train gets pretty exhausting but it pays off eventually. You would have to keep your eyes on your puppy at all times, the aim is to make sure to intervene before any accidents happen. When a puppy wanders off in the house or is quiet for a while – that signals trouble and you need to be ready to swoop in and save the day.

A good guide is that dogs can control their bladders for the number of hours corresponding to their age in months up to about nine months to a year. (Remember, 10 to 12 hours is a long time for anyone to hold it!) A 6-month-old pup can reasonably be expected to hold it for about 6 hours. Never forget that all puppies are individuals and the timing will differ for each.

If keeping an eye on your dog constantly is too hard for you, you can have them tethered, use baby gates, or closed doors to restrict their access to the whole house because once they get a chance to wander out of your sight – that’s potential trouble.

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Tip #2 – Out of Sight = Potty Disaster

Your puppy will instinctively not let go right in front of you. It’s up to you to look out for their signals once they want to pee. Most puppies will disappear for a second and come back to you after completing the deed, that’s why you need to keep them in sight at all times. This tip is so important as you potty train- that’s why we mentioned it twice.

Once you notice a signal, you should take them to a designated spot and wait for them to do it. The most popular times are, once they wake up, before bedtime, after they just had a drink or snack, after playing.

Tip #3- Praise ’em like they just won the Olympics

When your dog does it correctly at a designated spot, it’s time to go full blown crazy dog dad or dog mom. Say lots of “good boy” “good girl”, pat their head, give them a snack, or their favorite toy, clap happily. It teaches the dog to associate the action with happiness and reward and that is the most effective way to potty train a dog.

There’s not much you can do that makes sense after your dog has had an accident — and you’ve missed out on an important training lesson.

Don’t punish your dog if they pee inside. Regardless of all those old training ideas, punishment isn’t a good deterrent for house training. Yelling at your dog after the fact just confuses them and makes them nervous around you. If you catch your dog in the act you can try to get their attention & move them outdoors. Your pup is going to have an accident or two in the house – there’s no getting around it. What you can do to potty train them effectively is to prevent them from having more by being proactive. Keep them in your sight at all times and take them out every time they start to wander off.

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Tip #4 – Take Your Dog Out Every Hour or Two

Taking your dog for frequent walks is a good way to give them a chance to do it while outside, and if you keep this up religiously for a week, along with a consistent reward system in place, your dog will be sure to pick up the habit. it’s also the simplest way to prevent accidents from happening in the house.

Tip #5- Keep Praising, Keep Watching

If you followed the first four tips in the first week, the second week should be a little easier. All you have to do is keep up the routines so they never break the habit. Don’t get lazy, keep letting your dog know that peeing & pooping at the designated spot is awesome and that all sorts of great things come to pups that do awesome things.

Some common signs that dogs give when pressed include; crying at your feet, walking in circles or pacing, trying to leave you and run off, whining at the door.

It could be anything really, all you have to do is PAY ATTENTION to your pooch.

Tip #6 – There Will be Potty Train Slip-Ups

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Your dog might slip-up once or twice or you might let your guard down on some days. Accidents will happen and it is important that you clean up after them immediately. Dogs are usually attracted to spots where they have used before and you need to break the habit before it forms. Dogs have a very keen sense of smell and cleaning the spot with a good formula to remove every odor is the sure thing to do.

Lastly, you will need to be realistic about how long your puppy can hold it in for. The trick is one hour, per month of age.

Did your dog respond to any other training methods, do you use a potty pad, what potty troubles are you having? Leave a comment and our team of experts can offer some insight.

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